The Rivers Are Rising!

Picture of our local traffic camera (we have one in total!)
of one of our main roads...
Well, it has been a while (over a year I think), but our lovely River Valley is flooded once again.

Tif was supposed to come over today to do some thrifting and pottling around in another small town here in the Valley, but alas, that visit has been postponed until next week....

Don't worry about us, we are just fine. Our town might get cut-off but our house is safe. It doesn't look like it is going to be one of those epics floods, just a pain in the you know what...

In 'other' news: it is still raining! (never good for the flood-situation)

PS I just found this picture in the Seattle Times. It is taken right there in the top left corner of the first picture I placed where it says 'flooded road'. In the mean time, our other main road is now closed as well. It does look like the river is close to its crest though for this flood so we should be free of all that water again soon....

Here you see firefighters trying out their rescue boat...


  1. I remember, the same happened last year!
    Lucky, that your house is built on the hillside!
    Kram, Monica

  2. SNAP! Our weather finally loos the same!

  3. Oei, wat een water!! Gelukkig maar dat jullie huis droog staat, maar het is wel lastig allemaal! Sterkte er mee!


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