"O Canada!"

(title of the Canadian National Anthem)

Yesterday Mr. G. and I went on a road trip to Vancouver B.C., Canada. This is the location of the nearest Dutch consulate. My passport will expire soon so we thought that now was as good a time as any to drive up there and get all the paperwork over and done with. (a 3 hour drive one way...)

The consulate was right smack downtown Vancouver, in between all these buildings...

After our appointment (Which went very well for a change. Usually the bureaucrats at these departments are less than friendly) we walked down to Victory Square in Gastown.

A place called 'New Amsterdam' and right next to it was a Cannabis shop, how suiting...
On the square we had a most excellent lunch at Meat & Bread. 

Afterwards we walked around a bit and did some fun shopping at  a very strange store called 'Army & Navy'. They sold clothes, groceries, toiletries, shoes, candy you name it. We also stopped at a couple of thrift/ vintage stores but those prices were through the roof!

After a couple of hours of walking around (the weather was gorgeous!) it was time to head home again.

The following pictures were taken while waiting at the border crossing in Blaine. I love mudflats!

All in all a nice day out and it really felt we were in another country, which we were of course, but you know what I mean...  {smile}


  1. Wow, wat leuk om dit allemaal te zien! Hier zal ik voorlopig zelf niet rondlopen en -rijden, dus genieten! Fijn dat jullie het ook zo leuk gehad hebben ;)!

  2. My girlfriends and I used to love to go up to Vancouver and shop....also Victoria...love Victoria!

  3. I didn't realize you lived so close to Canada!
    Thank you for showing pictures from Vancouver, it looks like you had a nice day!
    Kram, Monica!


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