Thursday, October 18, 2012

Results at Last...

As you may or may not be aware, I've started the 'From Couch to 5k in 10 weeks' running schedule earlier in September. I am now at the end of week 7 and today I've finally noticed a substantial shift in weight and BMI. (body mass index)

I was never even close to being overweight to begin with, but things were starting to get 'flabby' so to speak. Now things are not so flabby anymore and I can now run almost 2 miles (= 3.2 km) which I find just absolutely amazing!!!  {big smile}

I still have a ways to go though, but at least I'm through the rough part, i.e. actually lifting your feet and starting to run!

So, after feeling really good about myself and my body this morning, I decided to wear my new dress today (the one that I showed you yesterday) and you know what: the size Medium is too big! (Ha!) It still looks very cute though, especially with these amazing shoes that I bought at Value Village a little while back. I'm hoping to wear them (the shoes at least) to our school's Auction (big fundraiser) in November...


  1. Mooie schoenen Marjan! En ik vind het echt mega-knap dat rennen, ik doe het je echt niet na!

    1. Gewoon proberen Marcha! Je moet me daar zien rennen met m'n kitchen timer in m'n hand! ;-)

  2. You look like a teen-ager! The dress is so cute!
    Kram, Monica

  3. I'm so proud of you too....I have lost 15 lbs since that picture I posted and am on my 2nd month of bootcamp, Its amazing what a confidence booster it is to lose some of the flab!!

  4. Fantastic dress! Knew it would look great! Well done on improving your fitness levels, the looking good bit is a real bonus, isn't it! Ada :)

  5. That dress is adorable especially the fabric! That running is some achievement. Respect!


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