Monday, October 29, 2012

Along The Cow Road...

Fall is always so pretty in our area, but to be honest, so are all the seasons over here. The afternoon before all my abdominal troubles started, Miss M. and myself took our French exchange teacher for a drive along the Cow Road. The views towards the mountains were just stunning, especially with that little dusting of snow on top of them. 

We also stopped at a local farm where Miss M. had bought her pumpkins last week. She knew there were two baby cows (calves I guess they are called!)  <wink>  hiding in a back shed away from all the public. I can't remember their names but they were so sweet and so soft and warm and so happy to see (and lick!) us.

And look, the black & white one had a heart on its forehead!!!  {smile}

We also came across this beautiful little setting in somebody's back yard. Just right for a quick picture...

Today it is rather blustery and wet outside but in between the showers I walked (instead of ran) about half of my usual running route.

It is extremely mild so it would have been wonderful to have done my run today, but I'm being wise and I will just take it easy a little bit longer.  I am doing much better, the pain is just about gone, but I'm still feeling rather bloated and just plain off, not 100%  quite yet. I've got a little cross-stitch project going on (ssssst! it is a surprise for my sister) and with a pot of tea on my side, I think the day will continue just fine!


  1. Oh, I wanted to say that you should take care before, but I can still do it, so here I go.....
    Your running lane is very pretty, but you're a good girl staying with the teapot and the crosstitch!

  2. And I completely agree with Agneta!
    Kram, Monica

  3. No wonder you love running when it is along such a pretty route.
    Hope you are all better soon whatever it was.

  4. Glad you are starting to recover, beautiful views! Ada :)


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