Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Joe Jackson Live...

Please excuse the blurriness: pic made with phone...

Wow, what a wonderful evening out we had last night at The Moore Theatre in Seattle: we saw Joe Jackson (and his band) live on stage and it was fabulous!  {smile}

Remember his songs from the 80's? 
"Is she really going out with him?" ('78), "Don't you know that it's different for girls" ('79), "Steppin' Out" ('82), "Breaking us in two" ('82) and "Be my number two" ('84) and lots more of course.

Last Spring, as we were waiting for Elvis Costello to perform, Mr. G. and I were saying to each other that we would love to see Joe Jackson live sometime and lo and behold, one week later his concert for October was announced! 
His voice was super strong and he was belting it out like the old days. Of course his piano playing was superb and his band was just Wow! I especially liked the performance of Allison Cornell. She played the keyboards, violin, banjo and her singing was just Wow! again. Really impressive. (she is all the way on the right in the picture below)

Yes, Joe is playing the Accordion and the bass player is playing a Tuba!

So yes, it was a wonderful evening out and that in the middle of the week!

Today I have my annual mammogram to do and tomorrow I have to see my periodontist. (dentist for the gums) Last week I had the orthodontist and my annual check up at the doctor's so hopefully I will be done for a while...

I will leave you with a picture of the still glorious weather we're having over here. Just look at all this blue sky!!!

A bit chilly though this morning (33F = 0 C!) so I will have to wait for it to warm up before I head out for my run... 


  1. I've totally missed Joe and his band but I can understand it was a fabolous evening, real music made by real musicians...that's the best!

  2. yeah- I remember!!! Oh, would have liked to be there! Sterkte met al je medische afspraken, niks nie leuk nie, moet gebeuren.

  3. Mag ik even jaloers zijn?! Wow, wat gaaf dat jullie een concert van hem bijgewoond hebben! Een van mijn favorieten, heb overigens pas nog een cd van hem gekocht! Leuk dat je ons even laat meegenieten!! Groetjes!!

  4. Ik heb nog een lp op zolder liggen van Joe Jackson.
    Hé,..ik wil ook wel weer eens naar een concert.
    Trouwens,... wij hebben een grijze lucht met regen hahaha,... ruilen?

  5. I have a lot of memories associated with that record, including letting somebody borrow it that I knew would forget to return it. That was in the 90's. It's always been a bit of a classic!


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