Saturday, October 6, 2012

De Morgenstond Heeft Goud in de Mond...

7:30 am

Officially the English saying would be 'the early bird catches the worm', but if you would translate the Dutch it would say: the early morning rise has gold in the mouth.  I think in Swedish it goes something like this: Morgonstunnen har guld i munnen! That fits much better don't you think?  {smile}

This morning my alarm went off at 5:45 am. I had to drive Master C. to his final SAT test (5 hour college entrance exam) and he had to be there very early. Luckily I had brought my camera because just look at all this glory!!!

Tolt River Road over the Snoqualmie River
And if all this wasn't beautiful enough, I came across this final picture: the road was ablaze with smoke from a wood fire (some houses here still only have a wood stove for heating!) in the early morning sun and fog mixture: amazing!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!  {smile}


  1. o wow o wow o wow!!! Totally worth it to get up early on a Saturday!!! Vera is doing her SAT too, at least I hope she is...I did not drive her myself . Should have, and brought my camera too- although the views here will never be as breathtaking as yours.

    1. Pretty darn amazing right? :-)
      Het was echt helemaal geweldig, ik kwam er precies aan toen de zon over de bergen heen kwam. Nu hebben we strakblauwe luchten en zonneschijn. Tijd weer om een stukje (11 minuten vandaag!) te rennnen!

  2. Fantastisch!! Hier zou ik er echt een paar van uitvergroten en ophangen! Super,ze zijn echt WOW!
    Ren ze! ( ik liep vanochtend in de regen in het bos, maar het was wel lekker!)

  3. Dank je wel Carla!!! Het was inderdaad grandioos... (om maar eens een vaderlijke uitdrukking te gebruiken!) ;-)

  4. Those red trees, wow! Hope his exam went well! Ada :)

  5. I hate early mornings, but even I must admit: It was extremely beautiful!
    Kram, Monica

  6. Oh ja! Die eerste foto met de rode boompjes! Ik zou echt nooit meer weggaan van die plek :D Wat een mooie natuur daar!


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