Saturday, October 27, 2012


I woke up yesterday morning with a strange pain in my lower abdomen (yes, the right side) which stayed with me the whole day. I decided not to go to Little Bit and just had some quiet time. In between the little bouts of pain I felt just fine, not nauseous or anything.

I did decide to go to the ER last night, just to be on the safe side, because the pain was definitely not going away... They took my blood and urine and did a CT scan: nothing! I was feeling rather like a fool since I was not really experiencing a lot of pain.

Later that evening however I got quite severe flare-ups and was happy when I made it home. (Mr. G. had a school event that I had to attend (long story, it was just fine)) The pain felt a bit like the intense waves of labor pain but shorter and only in that right lower abdominal quadrant. They were bad enough though to keep me from talking and that says a lot!  <wink>  Anyway, we made it home, I had a couple of ibuprofen and went to bed. 

Our own thoughts are on a tiny kidney stone since they didn't see any big ones on the scan. Since I was not nauseous whatsoever they basically ruled out appendicitis (but you never know), they checked for ovarian cysts, the liver, the gallbladder the lot. Like I said: nothing on the scan. Weird stuff.

I slept really well though and am in good spirits now although I am still experiencing flare-ups, but nothing as bad as last night. I just drank a whole pot of tea and will just lay low a bit more. Unfortunately Master C. has his big cross-country race today which I will now not attend of course. He came home yesterday with a sore throat and a slight fever so fun times in our household… 

Anyway, just wanted to keep you guys posted. I think I will be fine in a couple of days, but no running of course for now and I just made the 24 minutes mark on Thursday!  {smile}


  1. Veel beterschap uit Nederland van mij!!
    Liefs Anneke

  2. Oh dear...sending you my prayers!!! Hope nothing will come of it and it all will pass. Stay put for a few days is the perfect weather to stay cozy with a new Christmas magazine...sorry you will miss your husbands race...but good luck to hime oooox

  3. That's awful, hope you are feeling better soon! Ada :)

  4. I really hope you get better very soon!
    Kram, Monica

  5. Ach arme, wat een toestand..!Heeeeeel veel sterkte en beterschap gewenst, voor jullie allebei! Hou je taai en hopelijk weer snel op de been!! Lieve groet!!

  6. Congratulations of the 24 minutes. What is your body telling you, I wonder. Hope it all settles down soon.

  7. Oh, I hope it remains a mystery and goes away completely! Nasty. Wishing you good health!

  8. Oh my goodness! I hope that you're feeling better!!


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