Saturday, October 20, 2012

# 1!

# 1 !!!

Yes, Master C. and his team won First Place in yesterday's League Championship for Cross-Country!!! What an event!  {big big smile} Look at all these happy faces...

The meet was all the way in West-Seattle so I took the opportunity to snap some pictures on the way. (all taken from a moving vehicle)

And in the park where the meet took place this squirrel, as soon as opened my camera bag, raced towards me with an acorn in his mouth! I had my long lens on so had a hard time catching him, but managed a few fun shots anyway...

Well, I ran my scheduled 17 minutes today (yes!) so now I feel I'm ready for the weekend. We will be hosting a French exchange teacher starting this Monday so I'm cleaning like a fool!  <wink>


  1. Gave fotoos weer en geweldig dat ze eerste geworden zijn!

    1. Het was echt bijzonder spannend! Nu hebben ze volgende week de Tri-District Kampioenschappen en als ze daar goed rennen, gaan ze naar State en dat is helemaal in Pasco, zeker vier uur rijden!

  2. What a glorious moment after so much work! No wonder you felt inspired to start running!
    The first squirrel I ever saw was in London in a park near the Palace. I couldn't have been more excited had it been the queen herself.

  3. Congratulations to you son and his team, proud Mummy Moment! I think having visitors is good, my home would be a right mess if I didn't! Ada :)

  4. Well done to your Son and his team mates, a great moment for them all! :)

  5. Jeej, gefeliciteerd!
    En lief dat eekhoorntje!


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