Thursday, July 26, 2012

Terug Van Weg Geweest...

{Back from whence we came...}

We spent a long weekend in Portland, Oregon visiting Mr G.'s brother and his family. Even though we were only three nights away from our home, it feels like we were gone for much longer than that!  {smile}

Unfortunately I was troubled by some ailment on our first day there so I only spent an half hour or so downtown, but I did manage to take some fun pictures in that short time. Boy, I love those old brick buildings and those old water towers on top of them...

By dinner time I was feeling my old self again and our hosts drove us to an historic neighborhood cold 'Mississippi' which I loved! Look, I even found my dream home!

How cute is this?!
The street that we were on had lots of fun cafe's, restaurants and shops and people also just lived there. Loved it!

And this was the restaurant we had dinner at, first a most excellent green salad with hazelnuts and a soft blue cheese, and my entree was a wood-fire pizza with kale (= boerenkool) and onions, and chili's and tons of garlic: delish!

The sky was glowing as we drove back home. Below you see our cousin B. (she will be a senior in college) and my daughter Miss M. having a good time in the back of the car:
And then the most awesome views from their front yard....
And then The Moon came out!
Tomorrow I will show you some pictures of our two hour visit to Cannon Beach!  (yay! more beach time!!!)


  1. So glad you enjoyed your visit to Portland, Marjan! I love Mississippi Street! Pistils is wonderful~~I love the chickens running around :~) I'll have to look for that house next time I'm over that way!

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    2. The house is right next to the restaurant I mentioned. What a lovely area! :-)

  2. What a fun trip and I love the pics! (glad you're feeling better!)

  3. Wauwwwwww, die laatste foto's vind ik echt heel erg mooi! Klinkt als een heerlijk weekendje weg!

  4. Hai! Mooooooie foto's!!
    Groetjes, Miek

  5. Oh, Portland, Ore, I love that city and when our best friends were still married and we visited them (now one live in Bend and the other still in Portland, but it is not the same....) it was always so much fun. Sometimes we went downtown and Jerry and Carol always tried to get me (not my husband, just me) drunk from drinks at the Benson Htl (is it still there?). I remember it as a very charming and posh hotel and the drinks were great, Harvey Wallbanger and all those names.....

    They lived in the hills in a house very much like the blue you show, lovely. But theirs had an olive color.

    Well, those were the times.

    Yes, the freezer, it's just a little something, it happens all the time I think, those machines brake through.....and it's a little pikant, isn't it?

    Have a wonderful weekend,

  6. Amazing photos! As usual! What a cute dream house, I really love that blue color :)


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