Saturday, July 14, 2012


This morning we all left the house at 9 (yes, even the teenagers) to go out for some Blueberry Picking!  It was rather overcast, which was a good thing, because when the sun came out it was Hot...

The farm is only a few minutes down the road and there were berries a plenty. In fact we picked 17 pounds   of them ($2 a pound, so cheap!) and that didn't even make the slightest dent in their harvest. The problem is that our freezers are full so I think we'll have to take some other old stuff out to make room for all these berries... (what a great problem to have)

We were almost home when we spotted a garage sale in our neighborhood. I snagged a white plastic lounge/ sunbathing chair for $5 and this afternoon I spent some wonderful time in it snoozing reading... <wink>

--  **  --  **  --

Last night we spent some time around our fire pit. (the one we built ourselves and the chairs as well!) It was just lovely to sit there, make jokes and simply enjoy each other's company on a quiet, muggy night...

And I'll end this little rambling post with some items from our vegetable garden. Things are growing nicely and are soooo tasty!  {smile}
Beets, Plums, Peas, Green Beans and more is on its way...


  1. Fijn weer allemaal! Echt zomer! ( heb je nog gelet op ons weer de laatste tijd?)

  2. Oh lekker bosbessen! Dat is nou het enige fruit dat we hier in de omgeving 'missen'! Vroeger op vakantie in de bossen plukten we met onze ouders ook bosbessen, en dan kookte mijn moeder op het campingstelletje potjes jam (die potjes moesten wij als kinderen dan bij de lege flessenbak gaan zoeken ;)) Jammie, genieten!!

  3. Oh,.. wat een ruimte hebben jullie. Dat zouden mijn jongens ook wel prachtig vinden een vuurtje maken in je eigen tuin. Helaas kan dat niet in onze kleine tuin. Ben bang dat de schuttingen (echt weer Hollands trouwens!!) van de buren zo mee in de fik vliegen,..hahahahaha.
    En idd. wat een zomer hebben jullie,...hier is het echt prutweer.

  4. ah, sounds like a great time! I love the last picture of the veggies. Love all the other pics as well, but that one jumps out at me today!
    And, I'm happy to be able to leave a comment. :)
    Yum yum bosbessen. Hopenlijk genieten wij daar binnenkort ook van als we op ons vakantie adres zijn. Ga fijn door met zoveel mogelijk genieten!!!

  5. I have two american blueberrybushes in my garden, but they are still very small. In Sweden we have wild bluberries, but those bushes are onle about 20 cm high and consequently much harder to pick...
    What a lovely night you had by the fire!
    Kram, Monica

  6. You can pick the American Blueberries in farms! That's great. They are very smart blueberries as they do not color your mouth and teeth! In our garden we have, as Monica above, both the grown bushes and the small wild ones. The wild ones are ripe already and I picked yesterday but the American will ripen later in the summer.
    You had a georgeous day, that's so nice!


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