Monday, July 2, 2012

Red Necks And Bird Talk...

Last Saturday we were invited to that Red neck Party that I mentioned in my last post: it was hilarious! Our friends did a most amazing job decorating and I was glad I had brought my camera with me! 

We were greeted by that man (the host's brother) with the shotgun at the front door. He had empty beer cans strewn around him and there even was a beer can wind chime!
Our hostess wore some funky looking teeth and other paraphernalia as did a lot of the other guests. (we felt rather under dressed...)  

In the yard we saw a true toilet with lovely flowers in it, lots of laundry on several lines with 'tidy whities' (men's underwear), big bra's, panty hose etc.  In the bathroom (indoors luckily!) I found the Bass fish. It was singing "Don't worry, be happy!" which I thought was rather funny.

After we ate all the delicious barbecue meat (pulled pork),  beans, potato salads, Twinkies etc. we all headed to the back yard where they held the annual duck race in the stream behind their yard. I won second price and won an awfully loud and obnoxious NASCAR (Dale Earnhardt) clock. (of which I have removed the batteries already) <wink>
The judges for the duck race, ready with their nets...

All in all it was a great evening out and that for a party where we really only knew the hosts and two other people... {smile}

--  **  --  **  --

Yesterday I felt it was time to separate the males from the females in our bird cage. The babies are now 5 weeks old and the markings were becoming clearer to see. Also Penny & Howard were trying to start a new nest again so it was time for the big move. Easier said then done and this was the point I had been most nervous about since the eggs first arrived in the nest 7 weeks ago! 

New table from Ikea where we went yesterday...
We are now using a second birdcage that one of our neighbors so generously donated to us. We opened up the doors on either cage and pushed the cages together. After quite a bit of patience we managed to catch Penny, but the one other female baby bird did not go in. I tried hand catching and cup-catching etc. but the birdies were getting very stressed out which of course is not worth it. 

Penny spent a sad and lonely night in her new cage but this afternoon we used a third cage (the vintage looking one from my previous post) and managed to catch Baby Belle (as we call her) and transferred her in with her Momma. Boy, am I relieved or what?!!! Now the busy bird time will hopefully be over and we can just enjoy them without all the extra worries...

So, enough chatting for now. Master C. will have his stitches removed tomorrow. He has been relatively pain free, but one area is still a bit funky so we will have that checked out tomorrow as well. The day after tomorrow is the Fourth of July (Party again!) and after that the weather forecast is saying that significant changes (for the better!) are on their way so 'Yahoo!' to that!  {smile}


  1. You my dear have way too much fun! xoxo

  2. Ziet er gezellig uit! :-)

    Loefs Anneke

  3. Uhm ik bedoel natuurlijk lieffs!

  4. That fish on the wall, I love it, first time I saw it I didn't believe my eyes.....Agneta

  5. I have also seen that singing fish in our local plant shop...
    What an amazing party you visited! Duck race...
    What a relieive to have the male and the female birds in different cages!
    Kram, Monica


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