Sunday, July 29, 2012

It Was A Marvelous Night For A Moondance...

Yesterday, the cleaning spirit hit me again (previously this week I already cleaned out the fridge top to bottom!) and we cleaned out the whole garage, did some re-arranging, cleaned several kitchen drawers and sorted out all the plastic containers that always seem to be mixed up: what a great feeling to have all that behind us now!  {smile}

We were just about to settle down for a quiet evening when we got a call from our lovely daughter: if we would please come and join her friend and his dad for an impromptu barbecue at Lake Washington? Yes please!
I used a 'tilt-shift' filter here to provide some privacy...

They have been building a new house and it is almost done, but not quite: no toilets or electricity etc., but a working grill, alcoholic beverages and some comfy chairs on the dock, what more do you need? Above to the left you can see the Ceder slatted siding that will cover the whole house. Eventually it will turn a silvery grey made possible by the weather...

Click on photos to enlarge!
The kids went swimming and had time to catch up about their vacation adventures etc.  Nice to spend some time with friends...

And the moon came out and we made a fire and it was just lovely...

PS: Just to clarify: they are not living in the house yet. Hopefully in a week or 6... (the move-in date keeps on being postponed by the contractor)


  1. En de hele tijd zonder wc? :) Lekker van die onverwachte uitstapjes, dat zijn vaak de mooiste herinneringen!

  2. What a house! And what an evening!
    Kram, Monica

  3. Heerlijk zeg, om zo samen te genieten! En wat een bijzonder huis!! Je kan zien dat jullie genoten hebben!

  4. Zoveel natuur om je heen...geweldig!
    Vuurtje stoken, leuk!! Ook nog gebruikt als bbq of om lekker aan op te warmen?

  5. Oh wow - that sounds like my absolute of fabulous things to do.

    Nina x

  6. Oh,.. wat ziet het er daar toch allemaal prachtig uit! De link is lijst (heb ik net even bijgewerkt.) Jip is de middelste van 3 jongens. (12 15 en 18 jaar)Hahaha wel grappig je vraag hoor! Ik ben trouwens ook wel nieuwsgierig hoe jij je man hebt leren kennen,..en hoe je op al die plekken terecht bent gekomen. Gr. Jo.

  7. Lovely pictures.............

  8. Now that is perfect...what a lovely way to send a summer's afternoon. I love lake Washington. Happy Tuesday.


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