Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Historical Museum...

In the five years that we've lived in this area (five years already?) we've always wanted to visit the Snoqualmie Historical Museum in North Bend. Today was the day since it is still very cloudy and windy despite early morning promises...

The museum was tiny and we were done in about ten- fifteen minutes but it was still fun to have experienced it. My favorite parts were the kitchen and living room area as you can see in the collage above. Vintage colors, wallpaper and simply everything vintage of course.

This area east of Seattle was only first discovered in the mid 1800's I believe and the first settlers didn't move in until the late 1800s so everything is still very 'young'. I prefer things older but you can't have everything.

Anyway, it looks like the sun is finally trying to peek through the clouds so outside I go. Tomorrow I will be making tons of fun Americana photo's of the parade etc.!  {smile}


  1. Wat een inspirerende blog heb je.
    Leuk dat je me wil volgen,.. maar nu ik hier op je blog rond snuffel voel ik me erg "gewoontjes" hahahahaha.
    Je foto's zijn echt waanzinnig,..het is net of ik naar cowboy/ Little House on the prairie/ filmset ben gekomen. Ik ga je blog zeker volgen en verder alles van je lezen.
    O ja,..je hebt wel leuke jurken in je blog,.. die heb ik al wel bekeken,.. hahahaha.
    Greetzzzz JO.

  2. Dat zijn nog eens keukens! :-)

    Fijne dag!

    Liefs Anneke

  3. How lovely it looks - this post got my mind whirring as many years we were in Oregon and went to Bend. I have just spent some time tracking down if Bend is anywhere near North Bend!! We went to the High Desert Museum in Bend I remember and the Dune Park - memories!

    1. No, North Bend is in Washington State so just a bit further North from where you were. Probably the same atmosphere though! :-)


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