Friday, July 13, 2012

Long Beach, Day 3 & 4...

Well, the grey skies arrived on day 3 and they didn't leave us until way on our way back home... No bother, we were at the ocean and that's what happens...

Somebody drowned on that beach just the day before!
No wonder, the rip tides are horrendous
and the water's temperature is extremely cold!

On Day 3 we visited Cape Disappointment State Park where they have not only one, but two excellent looking lighthouses!  We started with North Head Lighthouse and boy, the wind just about knocked us off of the cliffs!

We continued on to the jetty which you can see in the far distance in the bottom left photo (see above) and then we turned toward the same lighthouse. (see picture below)

Still very windy, but the temperatures rose a bit so it was a lot more comfortable down there. Huge flocks of birds kept flying over us on the jetty and when I looked closely I realized some of them were Pelicans! Very exciting as I think of Pelicans being tropical birds and really did not expect to see them there...

And look, some seals were hanging out on the other, quieter side of the seawall:

Over there you could also see the next lighthouse called Cape Disappointment:

Another visit to our local beach was called for...

Mr. G. and Miss M. having some seaside fun...
That was the end of day 3 (no sunset because of all the clouds).

At 3:45 am (!) our alarm clock sounded the next day for it was time for Mr. G.'s big salmon fishing trip out on the ocean! The fishing boat left at 5am so I had to drive him there. The kids and I didn't do much that day, being a bit tired and all, so no pics but we did go and pick up our fisherman at the dock of course at 3 o'clock in the afternoon. He caught a fabulously sized Silver Salmon and had had the time of his life! What a great end to our 'super short but so much fun' holiday!  {smile}

Mr. G. is wearing a cap and is standing next to the pole on the left...

I will end this post with some more favorites...


  1. You all look like you had a blast!!

  2. Voor herhaling vatbaar zo'n minivakantie!

  3. Wat een geweldige tijd hebben jullie gehad, ik heb met veel plezier je vakantieverslag gelezen! Prachtig is het daar zeg, werkelijk heel erg mooi!! Heerlijk he, om er even uit te zijn zo samen, en te genieten van het buitenleven! Lieve groet!!

  4. Love coasts in any weather (too sad about the drowned) it's so dramatic and beautiful! The seagull is illiterate! Agneta

  5. hej Marjan wat een geweldige vakantiebestemming hebben. Aan de foto's is te zien dat jullie volop genieten.
    Fijn weekend, kram

  6. What a holiday you have had! It seemed rather cold, though...could you swim in the ocean?
    Here it's rather nice water-temperatures now and I swim almost every day!
    Kram, Monica

    1. No swimming in those waters Monica! Very very dangerous conditions with all the currents etc. and the water is absolutely freezing! I didn't even put my toes in! ;-)
      Very beautiful though with those wild waves!

  7. The lighthouses were really beautiful! There's something about lighthouses that are so exciting. Maybe because they are often in horror movies and detective stories. But they are also so beautiful! Great photos!

    / Sandra

  8. Love the lighthouses. I hope you have a really good time on your vacay. I also like the way you post your pics. They look like the old time photo albums with the corners. Really nice way to present them.

  9. There is something rather glorious about the mean in foul weather. Great photos of a beautiful place.

  10. I mean about the '"beach" in foul weather but it looks mean too!


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