Thursday, July 12, 2012

Long Beach, Day 2...

Oh boy, this was a most excellent day and I think I took about 240 pictures! As to not bore you with all of those, I've created a few collages. The collages don't the photos much justice, but this way you can see the prettiest ones in small groupings...

We first drove down south to Iwalco, a small harbour town at the mouth of the Columbia River and the Pacific Ocean. There Mr. G. booked a full day of salmon fishing out on the ocean for day 4...

After that we drove past Chinook where they had the most beautiful mud flats. I just love all that tidal action and then all the sticks in the water, and the sun and the waves: just plain gorgeous!!!

We also came across these two huge birds of prey, and believe me, they were big!
We stopped at Fort Columbia where we had beautiful views of the Columbia River basin and in the far distance you can see the Cape Disappointment Lighthouse. (more of that on day 3)

Onward we went to Astoria which actually lies in Oregon. We had to cross the river on a veeeery long, and in the end very steep, bridge to get there. We found the highest point (the Column) and again had beautiful views from there. What a lovely town Astoria was! We didn't spent any real time there but just driving through it I saw the most vintage looking houses ever...   {smile}

And then there was The Beach! 
                   "Sunshine, on my shoulders, makes me happy!"    (John Denver)

Master C. and Miss M. sat patiently for a short photo session...

And then there was the sunset...
PS I was not very happy with the quality of some of these collages, so I'm adding those pictures of the mudflats again, but now by themselves...


  1. Elke zee is toch weer anders.
    Leuke tiener kinderen hebben jullie,..en fijn dat ze nog mee gaan.
    De oudste hier is 18 en komt vandaag terug (moeders blij haha)hij is met vrienden naar Renesse. Ook voor het eerst hoor!
    Nog een fijne vakantie .
    Oja,..leuk je reactie van gisteren!

  2. Wat een schitterende foto's van de schitterende natuur daar! En die vogels; wauw!

  3. What gorgeous places you have been to!
    Kram, Monica


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