Thursday, July 19, 2012

Blowing Bubbles...

The other day, Miss M. and I were blowing some bubbles in the back yard. At least she was, I was trying to capture the bubbles with my camera. Any idea how difficult that was?  <wink> A perfect late afternoon activity...

This week we've been busy cleaning all the carpets in the house and in the cars, I've also cleaned out the mudroom top to bottom and yesterday I sewed ten cushion covers for in the formal living and dining room.

Mr. G. at work...

Sorry, a little bit fuzzy...

In the mean time Miss M. got her driver's permit so she is now getting her first driving lessons from her dad and next week the classroom lessons will start. Oh boy, both kids are driving!!!

It's a bit muggy outside and I believe there is some rain on the way. The yard has been getting pretty dry so a bit of rain is quite welcome.

That's about it for now. We're on slow-vacation-time so not too much to report here...


  1. Wow! You've been productive! I'm suddenly feeling very, very lazy :)

  2. We don't have mud rooms here. More's the shame! Shampooing carpets looks like a good idea though post school holidays. Maybe after the football season passes.

  3. Wow, wat een mooie foto's! Goed gelukt :-)
    Kleine kindjes worden groot.... Pfff... Mijn zoontje is nog klein, bijna 2. Moet er nog niet aan denken dat hij straks in een auto gaat rijden... :-/

  4. Oehoe beide kinderen in auto's! Gelukkig geeft paps les :)
    Mooi die bellen trouwens, lijkt me ook zeer moeilijk om op de foto te krijgen haha! Fijn weekend!

  5. hiya mrs
    linda 'odd and old' here
    have started new blog
    as you can see
    hope you are all well
    love the new look blog
    most lovely
    hope the driving goes well
    take care linda


  6. Love the bubbles! Great pictures!

  7. I have been working with our oldest and driving the bubbles and views of your home!

  8. ....pretty bubbles in the air.

    Happy holidays and driving 'oh my' - mine are a few years off that *phew*

    Nina x

  9. Oh i can so relate to your feeling of having your children drive. xoxo

  10. A nice time in the garden!
    Clening is so god when it's done ;)
    Have à nice time,


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