Friday, March 9, 2012

Word Verification...

Ha, I think I have finally figured out how to get rid of that nasty word verification program. Go back to your old Blogger Interface and under settings etc. you will find the option to turn of the word verification. Why is that option not available in the new Interface???? I had it set on 'never' but it was still showing up. 

Please tell me that all is good now?  

Beautiful moon last night...
PS I hear that it is no longer on: Thank Goodness for that!!!! 
The annoying part was that I had never turned it on in the first place so how did that happen??? Anyway, it is gone forever!  {smile}


  1. Ik ga het meteen uitproberen... en wat een schitterende 'zie de maan schijnt door de bomen'!! Je zou er bijna van in Sinterklaasstemming komen!

  2. En... jaaaa, het is gelukt!! Zonder woordverificatie! Goed gedaan Marjan!

  3. Yeah its gone what a pain in the butt that was.....I pray more people take it off!

  4. Jaaaa, wat een ellende he die verificatie en als programma's zomaar iets doen wat jij niet wilt! Ik heb met word ook wel eens ruzie als het weer eens zelf gaat denk...grmbl!
    Fijn weekend!

  5. Let's hope it's gone forever...
    I hope I have got rid of it too!
    I don't have "blogger" but "" and I have e-mailed them and asked them to remove it.
    Have a nice weekend!
    Kram, Monica


How wonderful to hear from you!

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