Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Gingham Blouse...

Yes, the Gingham Blouse is finally finished!

While hugging the space heater the other day (when our furnace was still out) I decided to get out my trusty (and oh so disliked) seam-ripper and I took out three layers of stitching to remove the failed collar.  I found the pattern of another collar I had used last year, adjusted it to this pattern  et voila: a pretty collar that sits like it should!  {smile} I added some lace for some extra frillyness... (if that is a word)

Most of this blouse's pattern is from the Lisette #2246 dress that I made in a flowery blue last month (with the piping) with some adjustments obviously. It might need a couple more tweakings here in there if I want to use it again for another time, but all in all I am quite pleased!  {smile again}


  1. Adorable! I think it was worth changing the collar!

    I was famous for ripping out my top stitching numerous times if it wasn't perfect :~)

  2. The lace on the edge of the collar makes the blouse look even prettier!
    You are SO clever!
    Kram, Monica

  3. It's totally gorgeous! So beautifully fitted and gingham is always adorable.
    I find the more often I pull things apart to fix them, the more willing I am to do it the next time, because it's pretty much always worth it :)

  4. Really darling!I just adore gingham....xo

  5. You're a terribly good seamstress! The collar is cute. Agneta

  6. Pfoei wat knap zeg, het bloesje én het maken ervan! :)


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