Thursday, March 29, 2012

For A Far-Away Friend...

This is to show support for Annie, a far-away blog friend, mother of five, who had her left breast removed yesterday. Two weeks after she found the first sign. She left for the hospital with her toenails painted in rainbow colors as a form of protest...

I'm hearing way to many of these kind of stories lately. When is your next mammogram? I have had mine annually for the past 11 years...


  1. This is lovely Marjan. With so many of us rooting for her Annie has to be alright :D

    Mammograms are only every three years here in the UK, my next one is due in the summer, and suddenly I realise how long that is to have waited

  2. That's a gorgeous card, Marjan. Annie'll love it!

  3. Heftig! Ik wens Annie veel sterkte.
    In Nederland word je vanaf je 50e opgeroepen.

  4. Thanks so much, Marjan! Our mammograms are 2 yearly after the age of 40 - but it seems that the type Annie had would not have been found on a mammogram anyway - so self exams are just as important. Still makes me angry though!


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