Saturday, March 17, 2012

Sewing Failure or Success?

The jury isn't out on this one yet folks!
It was all going so well, until this happened:

Yes, the 'Flying Nun' collar... (old tv series for those of you who are not familiar with this title) In the mean time I've sewed the collar down a bit more so it is looking a tad bit better but I am not convinced yet.

And talking about how 'to fly like an eagle': look at what I encountered at the Target parking lot yesterday:

I only had my little point & shoot camera handy but still, not a bad picture! And then last night I spotted this little creature on the outside of our kitchen window:

Well, it is Saturday once again. We (Mr. G., Master C. and myself) are off to the Department of Motor Licensing to first: change the address on my licence (it is 4 years old) and second: have Master C's. eyes checked so that he can sign up for his final driving exam in April. How exciting! (and so scary)

And in other news: wet snow is coming down once again....  Just think of us when you're enjoying your Spring-like temperatures!  {smile}


  1. well it makes a change that it's warmer here!
    Fab pictures (as always) and maybe you could 'fasten' your collars down with a couple of vintage buttons?
    off to get our regular saturday night chippy tea...ah, the high life
    (in denial that my boys will ever be behind the wheel)

  2. Hmmm, yes, interesting collar, Marjan! Is it supposed it lie flat? But we wouldn't know that it wasn't supposed to look like that if you hadn't told us :~)

    It's still pretty chilly here in Portland, but no snow today~~maybe tomorrow and Monday, but in the mornings, so I will miss it :~)

    Great shot of the eagle!

  3. That collar could be quite cute. I'm thinking more Judy Jetson than Sister Bertrille.
    You always look good in your clothes so I'm sure it will turn out fine.
    As for a son who drives, after a few more years of chauffeuring I may be quite pleased to see the boys independently mobile!

  4. You must have an enormous wardrobe, since you are sewing so many clothes!
    What a good luck to see an eagle AND have a camera!
    Kram, monica

  5. Met het kraagje kan ik je niet helpen, maar die adelaar; wauw! (hmm het heet toch wel een adelaar? :))

  6. I can relate.. I just had huge sewing fail when I realized that the dress I was almost finished with would fit a 4 year old rather than my 18 month old daughter... :)
    Anna @ Scandinavian Cottage


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