Thursday, March 15, 2012


Well, it has been a few days since I last posted and to be honest, I just don't have too much to say at the moment. (I know, a rare occurrence)  <wink>

Last Monday I met with  Tif and Jennette at the Goodwill store in Monroe, about half an hour north of here. Somehow I had never been there before so it was fun to explore a new region. We also stopped at a local antique market where we spent a couple of hours. I bought some fabric (more fabric Marjan, Really???) and a fun ceramic vase/ pitcher. Here it is:

I also bought this mint green postcard holder which was a lot of fun I thought...

Sorry, bad light and
thus a bad picture...
We had lunch together and chatted and chatted and chatted.  {smile}

--  **  --  **  --

The next day I had to do three lessons (instead of two) at Little Bit and this what I encountered on the way:

Yes indeed, that is snow and that was not the first time this week either! Since then  it has been raining non stop for many, many days now. Truly awful, especially since the rest of the country is experiencing way above normal temperatures! Oh well, our time will come... It will, right?

I did take a couple of nice pictures at the barn... (it was so cold, I had my ski-pants on with my long underwear underneath!)

--  **  --  **  --

I've finally started a new sewing project and I'm combining several different patterns together, very scary. If it turns out, I will show it to you...

Otherwise not much going on over here. That's just fine with me, life doesn't have to be crazy busy all the time. Talk to ya later!  {smile}


  1. Those are great thrifty finds, Marjan! Do take a picture of the fabric :~)

    Two of my friends in high school were really good at putting different pattern pieces together, so I'm sure your project will turn out great!

    I'm waiting for the temperatures to be above normal, too~~and stay that way for more than a few days!

  2. Ongelofelijk dat je nu weer in de sneeuw zit... hier heb ik gisteren voor het eerst in mijn witte melkflessenbenen in de moestuin gewerkt...! Helaas nu weer bewolkt trouwens :( En oh, dat paardje met die vlechten, wat een prachtige foto!! Succes met je naaisels, ik ben heel benieuwd wat het gaat worden;)!

  3. Ooh wauw dat groene kaartendingetje! Ik zoek nog zoiets voor naast de voordeur, goed blijven zoeken dus :)
    En gatver, weer sneeuw!

  4. Glad you've been quiet (me too) as it means I haven't missed too much!
    My first photo is daffodils this week - how funny that you have snow?!
    It's actually mild here today - cardigan weather. Bring on the summer,
    happy weekend
    fee x

  5. I thought it was something missing - haven't heard from you for a long time...
    You seem to have had some nice, relaxed days though!
    I really don't envy you the snow, here we have had a very nice spring-whether lately!
    Have a nice weekend, kram, Monica


How wonderful to hear from you!

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