Friday, March 2, 2012

Photoshop Fun...

Ha, I've been fiddling around in Photoshop some this afternoon and I've finally been able to make my own photo template! This was just one to try out, but it's a start, and not a bad one at that. Here it is:

In this template I can change the size and location of the circles and also the background pattern and the text.  I've added some drop-shadows to the circles as well. The possibilities are once again endless....

Well, we're getting ready to spend the weekend on Crystal Mountain at a ski resort no less. We've never been so it will be exciting.  It is about a 2 hour drive (or more) and once we arrive at our destination we will have to park the car and then continue on (with all our belongings) on a snowmobile!!!
Miss M. is already there with our hosts and is having a blast trying out her new snowboard. Since I do not ski or snowboard in any shape or form I will be taking lots of pictures of the snowy scenery while stomping around in some borrowed snowshoes...   <wink>

I will leave you with this lovely picture that I took yesterday. We cut of some branches of our Flowering Pear Tree  a few days ago and some of the cuttings are now starting to flower in a vase...

Have a great weekend!


  1. Your always discovering things I need to just play around more I'm just always worried I'm going to mess something up!

  2. Die templates zijn cool, dat ga ik ook proberen! En je bloemfoto is super!

  3. Oh, die foto.... die kun je als ansichtkaart gaan verkopen... zo mooi!!

  4. Ik zou dezelfde tekst kunnen schrijven als Lupineke, dacht helemaal hetzelfde.
    Fijn weekend, kram

  5. Mooie bloesem-foto! En zo knap wat je met photoshop allemaal kan! Ik ben echt een prutser op dat gebied :) Fijn weekend in de sneeuw!

  6. Love the cherry blossoms!
    Agneta kram

    Cow Road, you still have that awful wordverification program on, it's hopeless to read those new designed words....can you skip having them.....? Just asking!

  7. Good luck taking pictures in the snow!
    Why don't you join the "Vårteckensutmaningen"?
    You can registrate in blogg Humlebacken!
    Please do!
    Kram, Monica

  8. Great template, don't ya just love Photoshop! I feel so pleased every time I learn something new. Pretty flowers too xx


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