Monday, June 20, 2011

Teal? Duck Egg Blue?

When I was looking at my new shoes this weekend (see previous post) I realised they would go perfectly with the latest fabric I had bought a few weeks ago. Inspiration came and now I am almost done making a new skirt...

It is the same A-line skirt as my black and white polka-dot skirt but this time without the horizontal stitching on the front panel. Instead I've added a pleated pocket! Something went wrong during construction however (doesn't it always) and I used the wrong side to put in the pleats which made the pocket come out teeny weeny. (barely three fingers fit in) I guess I will call it a decorative pocket then...  ~wink~

Anyway, the next step is the dreaded zipper! It would be nice if I could finish it this morning so that I could actually wear it today since (drumroll please!) the sun is almost shining!!!  {smile}

I just wanted to show this picture that my sister made for Father's Day yesterday. I think it was brilliant!


  1. You are SO clever sewing all these clothes!
    Turquoise is one of my favorite colors!
    So Fathers day is in June in the US? Here it is the first sunday in November!
    Kram, Monica

  2. I loved the photo of your father and that skirt is so have such great style!

  3. oh yes - you do have style.
    That picture made me smile out loud!
    off to look at your new shoes...
    fee x

  4. Hej Marjan, leuke grappige foto heeft je zus gemaakt. Je vader staat er vrolijk en fleurig op.
    Mooie stof, leuk detail.
    Fijne dag, groetjes


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