Saturday, June 4, 2011

Blue Skies & A Horse Show...

On my way to the horse show...
At the horse show at Little Bit...
(I'm the one in the black shorts)

What a Great Day! {smile}

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  1. You're a fantastick crocheter! Good on you! Very nice, and isn't it fun!

    The picture of you is very nice and can you see that you look a lot like Jamie Lee Curtis (before she had gray hair), that's a compliment!

    I love the pictures with the mountains in the background, so fresh and nice.

    Do have a good weekend. You know, we are having a long, long weekend right now. On Thursday it was Krisit Himmelfärdsdag, on Friday it was one of those days that we call "klämdag" which means almost everyone takes the day off and then it was Saturday, today it's Sunday and tomorrow it's our national day! And the weather is fantastic, couldn't be better!

    Agneta kramar

  2. Beautiful glad you had such a nice day for the horse show!


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