Tuesday, June 7, 2011


After many days of anxiously awaiting the FedEx delivery man, my new camera has finally arrived!

Please let me introduce to you the Canon Rebel T1i Eos 500D:

Yes, I know the lens cap is still on...  ~wink~

FedEx called last week Thursday to say the camera would arrive on Friday, but it didn't actually arrive until late this afternoon... I've had notes on the door pointing at neighbors'  houses in case I was out when he came calling, all to no avail. It certainly built up my anticipation!

Anyway, this fabulous camera was a gift (!) to me by my even more fabulous sister Carla at Pike Street! (trumpets are trumpeting!) She is an amateur photographer herself and makes amazing pictures. She wanted the same for me especially now that we're coming to Europe next month. How cool is that?!  {smile}

I managed to get the lens on, the 8GB memory card in, the camera strap on and now we're waiting for the battery to charge. Of course there are multitudes of manuals and CD's to go through so that is going to take some time, but oh boy, am I excited or what?!!!  {even bigger smile}


  1. Wat een geweldig gaaf kado!
    Ik ben zelf ook op zoek naar een nieuwe camera
    en ben aan het onderzoeken welke ik het beste kan
    Ben ook erg benieuwd naar je ervaring met deze!
    Veel foto plezier!

  2. You're worth it and I'm waiting for pictures to come, you already are a good photographer so I wonder how this will turn out! Wow!
    Agneta kramar

  3. ah, here we are (blogger was being tricksy again!)
    just had a little catch up on your goings on (so NOT looking forward to 10th grade science).

    My new camera (b'day present to self) didn't arrive in time for my hols - v disappointed. was looking forward to reading the manual (for once!)
    Now I'm home i'm having the 'do i really want a DSLR, or will I regret it's weight and size' debate, but you look v at ease with yours!

    Liking spotty skirt
    fee ♥

  4. Congratulations to your new camera! I'm looking forwards to even better (if it is possible) pictures!
    Kram, monica


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