Thursday, June 23, 2011

A Swede, In 'My' Village?!

Yay, I've met another foreigner in our little village, a Swede no less and her husband is Dutch: what a coincidence is that??!  {smile}

Miss M. and I ended taking the car into town (a 2minute drive, 15 minute walk but Miss M. was in a teenager mood so I complied to her wishes... (this time only)) and then strolled to the library and the coffeeshop and ended up in a local shop where they sell cute little soaps and cards etc.

Whilst there I overheard two women speaking in Swedish so I just had to go over and speak to them of course, in Swedish! (they were very impressed...) The younger one had just moved to the area with her Dutch husband and two kids. We have exchanged email addresses so we will see what happens but that sure was fun!
Since our own kids go to school in another town, I don't actually know very many people here, let alone 'aliens', as we are called.  ~wink~

I didn't want to talk my big Rebel Yell with me so I ended up taking some pictures on our stroll with my tiny point & shoot camera...

(yay, another collage!)

Look at that funny car in the middle with all the suitcases on top! I think it was an old taxi or something... We had some sun then but that is all gone again. I think I'd better get outside quick for some more weeding before the showers hit again...


  1. That's a nice meeting for you. I wonder if you'll become good friends? She may be quite lonely.

  2. How exciting...I'm so hoping in September to have lunch with you were going to take the kids to carnation milk farms...I can't wait for them to see it and you know there not going to be impressed.....oh well!

  3. What a wonderful day you had! Maybe a new friendship is in the works!
    Have a great weekend!
    Chris :o)

  4. can't have too many friends! lovely to get mail from you - they make me smile outloud!
    And great photo montage as always
    Happy weekend
    fee x

  5. Yay for meeting new people! What a nice surprise!


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