Saturday, June 25, 2011


Yesterday Miss M. and Rebel Yell joined me for my Friday lesson at Little Bit, where I do my volunteering. Miss M. made some lovely snapshots while I was working and you can see some of them in the above collage.

It was a lovely day, albeit very cloudy but not cold. The horse cooperated nicely and concequently our rider was in a very good mood. She just babbled and babbled for the whole 45 minutes. We were smiling the whole time!

After all that positive energy I decided to finally finish my skirt, and about time too. Every time I went into the kitchen I saw the skirt and the zipper waiting for me in my sewing room next door, screaming for my attention. Here is the finished product:

I haven't actually tried it on yet but I'm sure it will fit just fine. I bought several tops (a t-shirt, a tanktop and a cardigan) in somewhat matching colors so that I have something to wear with it. It was actually a bit of a tricky color to match with so I was very smart in bringing a fabric sample with me to the shop... ~wink~

That was about it for now. We will have a wonderful dinner waiting for us at my Dutch aunt and uncle tonight and some cleaning and organizing for our trip in between so that sounds just fine to me. Hope you have a great weekend as well! 

P.S.1: I just found out that the British band Erasure will be playing at the Neptune (where we were last week) in October: Tif and I will be attending that most magnificent event! {smile}

P.S.2: Tadaa! the finished skirt...


  1. It looks fabulous on you! I love the fabric that you chose and the pocket detail with the buttons is adorable!

  2. I completely agree with the comment above!
    Kram, Monica


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