Wednesday, June 8, 2011

No Pressure!

Oh boy, having a new gadget like this new camera (let's call him 'Rebel Yell'!) is pretty scary stuff I must admit. I dreamt about it all night!  ~wink~

I've already done some preliminary reading of the manual and actually made a few pictures with it, but still, so many questions remain! A good thing I will be signing up for a three hour digital photography class soon...

Anyway, yesterday, while waiting once again for that FedEx person, I decided I wanted to make yet another bag. A messenger bag this time and so far it is coming along real nice! Let's have a look...

Closed flap with loops for buttons. I will be buying different buttons today by the way...

Open flap with pink piping around it.

Outside front pockets with some lace detail.

The lining with some inside pockets in the darker grey circles.
The lining fabrics are remnants from that large quilt I made a while ago
and the darker grey outside fabrics are of upholstery grade from Ikea...
Wow, downloading these pictures took forever! (yes, they were taken by my Rebel!) I'd better check how big they are. But what nice quality right? I've not adjusted these pics whatsoever,they didn't need it!!!  {smile}

So the bag is almost done but I didn't have the shoulder strap hardware (the buckles) to finish it. Mister C. will be done early with his Math final today (his second worst subject after Science) so I will pick him up at 10:30 this morning and off to Joann's we will go to get the hardware and some new buttons. (I had to bribe him with a visit to the International food court because Joann's is not a cool place to hang of course for a 16 year old...)

Miss M. will have her last two written finals today and then it is Party, Party! for her: one big one today at somebody's house for the whole grade (75 kids, can you imagine??? Only in America have they got houses big enough for that...) and tomorrow evening is the big Graduation Party for Middle School: Fun!!!

Wow, I'm feeling a bit hyper with all these going ons: Let's "Rebel Yell!"  (Billy Idol reference...)


  1. Yes, je kan altijd bellen voor tips natuurlijk!

  2. Haha, I will. Nu is het nog zo ingewikkeld dat ik niet eens weet wat ik moet vragen! ;-)

  3. Love this bag Momma. I got a new camera and computer I too feel rebel Yell, these simple things can make a girl sooooo Happy!

  4. Your a sewing wizard, love your new bag!!!
    Congrats on the new camera, enjoy!
    Chris :o)

  5. The new bag is the best one so far, if I'm the judge...
    Kram, Monica

  6. Yay for a new camera!!
    And the bag is really lovely..I love the piping detail and the button closures!


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