Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Cucumber Time...

In Holland we call this time of year 'Cucumber Time' or the 'Silly Season' as my dictionary calls it. Simply said, there is not much going on here in the CowRoad region. Our trip is only days away but not yet close enough to start packing for real. (although I've packed my suitcase several times over in my head of course)

I've packed away all my sewing stuff and with that, all of my creative mojo has left the building also. I don't even feel like doing any embroidery or photography either! I did make some more lovely flower photo's last Sunday I believe so I guess I can show you those. Here they come...

This weekend Blogger told me I had reached my 1 GB limit on photo storage for this blog and that I could upload no more: shock horror! I've managed to delete some pictures for now so that I still have some room for publishing but I think that after our vacation I will have to pay up for photo storage. Apparently it will cost me only $5 for 20 GB so that will not break the bank but still...it just feels funny to have to pay for storage like that...

I've bought enough memory for my camera to take around 5000 pictures (and I am sure that will actually happen!) so I will definitely need that extra storage space!

I'm now also resizing all my pictures that you see here to a smaller size so that they won't take up so much room. Hopefully they still look good?

In other 'news', our local strawberry fields have finally opened up for picking! G. and Miss M. were there for only 15-20 minutes and picked 8 1/2 pounds!!!

We ate quite a few them right away and the rest are now in the freezer for when we come back. We will be coming back to our place  in August, doesn't it look lovely in the sunshine? (of which we had exactly one day in total again...)

Aha, yesterday I received my tulip lens hood so hopefully you will not be seeing any of those light spots in my pictures again...

We'll be having housesitters in our house during the time we are away to look after the yard and more importantly, our dog! This way she will have the least amount of stress and our house will be lived in and secure.
Of course I want the house to be sparkling for when the house sitters arrive on Sunday but if I start cleaning now I will have to do it all over again on Saturday: what a conundrum! (love that word)

Well, enough ramblings for today. I'm off again to Little Bit this morning which always cheers me up!  {smile}


  1. ahh your house looks lovely, I imagine the sun shines all the time there unlike rainy manchester :)
    x x x x x

  2. Your flower-pictures look more and more spectacular!
    I think you are a bit nervous about the trip...in Sweden we say that we get "butterflies in the stomach"!
    Kram, Monica


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