Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Falls...

Last Monday we decided to visit the Snoqualmie Falls with our French exchange teacher. The Falls are only 20 minutes away from our house and this time of year, with the enormous amounts of water that have been coming out of the sky, they are just spectacular!

See that building on the left? That is where they filmed part of the TV series called 'Twin Peaks'. Remember from way back when in the early 90's?

The pictures themselves didn't come out quite as spectacular as I had hoped, but when I played around with the 'cross-process' settings they weren't bad at all....

On the way home we stopped to check out  the beginning stages of flooding of that same river closer to our house and this is what we saw from the hanging bridge. First to our south...

And then to our north...

We're still in the middle of a big rain event so we're keeping a close eye on all the river gauges and webcams etc to make sure that all our roads are still open. So far so good!

It will be a very wet night for Halloween though!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Along The Cow Road...

Fall is always so pretty in our area, but to be honest, so are all the seasons over here. The afternoon before all my abdominal troubles started, Miss M. and myself took our French exchange teacher for a drive along the Cow Road. The views towards the mountains were just stunning, especially with that little dusting of snow on top of them. 

We also stopped at a local farm where Miss M. had bought her pumpkins last week. She knew there were two baby cows (calves I guess they are called!)  <wink>  hiding in a back shed away from all the public. I can't remember their names but they were so sweet and so soft and warm and so happy to see (and lick!) us.

And look, the black & white one had a heart on its forehead!!!  {smile}

We also came across this beautiful little setting in somebody's back yard. Just right for a quick picture...

Today it is rather blustery and wet outside but in between the showers I walked (instead of ran) about half of my usual running route.

It is extremely mild so it would have been wonderful to have done my run today, but I'm being wise and I will just take it easy a little bit longer.  I am doing much better, the pain is just about gone, but I'm still feeling rather bloated and just plain off, not 100%  quite yet. I've got a little cross-stitch project going on (ssssst! it is a surprise for my sister) and with a pot of tea on my side, I think the day will continue just fine!

Saturday, October 27, 2012


I woke up yesterday morning with a strange pain in my lower abdomen (yes, the right side) which stayed with me the whole day. I decided not to go to Little Bit and just had some quiet time. In between the little bouts of pain I felt just fine, not nauseous or anything.

I did decide to go to the ER last night, just to be on the safe side, because the pain was definitely not going away... They took my blood and urine and did a CT scan: nothing! I was feeling rather like a fool since I was not really experiencing a lot of pain.

Later that evening however I got quite severe flare-ups and was happy when I made it home. (Mr. G. had a school event that I had to attend (long story, it was just fine)) The pain felt a bit like the intense waves of labor pain but shorter and only in that right lower abdominal quadrant. They were bad enough though to keep me from talking and that says a lot!  <wink>  Anyway, we made it home, I had a couple of ibuprofen and went to bed. 

Our own thoughts are on a tiny kidney stone since they didn't see any big ones on the scan. Since I was not nauseous whatsoever they basically ruled out appendicitis (but you never know), they checked for ovarian cysts, the liver, the gallbladder the lot. Like I said: nothing on the scan. Weird stuff.

I slept really well though and am in good spirits now although I am still experiencing flare-ups, but nothing as bad as last night. I just drank a whole pot of tea and will just lay low a bit more. Unfortunately Master C. has his big cross-country race today which I will now not attend of course. He came home yesterday with a sore throat and a slight fever so fun times in our household… 

Anyway, just wanted to keep you guys posted. I think I will be fine in a couple of days, but no running of course for now and I just made the 24 minutes mark on Thursday!  {smile}

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Pumpkins & Sleigh Bells...

Oh yes, Fall is definitely here, especially now that the front of the house is properly decorated! <wink>

Miss M. and her friend J. went out to the pumpkin fields yesterday and brought back a whole bunch of them in all shapes and sizes. They spent several hours of designing, cleaning, scooping and then carving the two largest ones.  Then they set out to decorate the front stoop. It's looking pretty spooky right?  {smile}

The forecasters had already told us that the snow levels would come down to 3000 feet this weekend, but when we drove around in the Valley this afternoon, the snow covered mountains still took us by surprise, and a very pleasant one at that. (I love the snow!)
I didn't have my camera at the ready but I did find a couple of pretty pics from a local newspaper. Just look at all that snow!

"Dashing through the snow, in a one horse open sleigh.
Over the hills we go, laughing all the way!"
Love it! {big smile}

Oh, and in the latest running news: this morning (when I didn't have to run in the first place) I ran 20 minutes straight without any slowing down. I just skipped a whole week of training! Tadaa!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

# 1!

# 1 !!!

Yes, Master C. and his team won First Place in yesterday's League Championship for Cross-Country!!! What an event!  {big big smile} Look at all these happy faces...

The meet was all the way in West-Seattle so I took the opportunity to snap some pictures on the way. (all taken from a moving vehicle)

And in the park where the meet took place this squirrel, as soon as opened my camera bag, raced towards me with an acorn in his mouth! I had my long lens on so had a hard time catching him, but managed a few fun shots anyway...

Well, I ran my scheduled 17 minutes today (yes!) so now I feel I'm ready for the weekend. We will be hosting a French exchange teacher starting this Monday so I'm cleaning like a fool!  <wink>

Friday, October 19, 2012

Stray Finds...

Behold all the glory there is still to be found in the yard!

I had to look a bit harder this time, but there is still a bounty out there...

Have a great weekend everybody!!!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Results at Last...

As you may or may not be aware, I've started the 'From Couch to 5k in 10 weeks' running schedule earlier in September. I am now at the end of week 7 and today I've finally noticed a substantial shift in weight and BMI. (body mass index)

I was never even close to being overweight to begin with, but things were starting to get 'flabby' so to speak. Now things are not so flabby anymore and I can now run almost 2 miles (= 3.2 km) which I find just absolutely amazing!!!  {big smile}

I still have a ways to go though, but at least I'm through the rough part, i.e. actually lifting your feet and starting to run!

So, after feeling really good about myself and my body this morning, I decided to wear my new dress today (the one that I showed you yesterday) and you know what: the size Medium is too big! (Ha!) It still looks very cute though, especially with these amazing shoes that I bought at Value Village a little while back. I'm hoping to wear them (the shoes at least) to our school's Auction (big fundraiser) in November...

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

No. 123 The Bebe Dress...

Let me present to you my latest creation: The Bebe Dress!

I had originally already cut out a different pattern from a different fabric, but just couldn't get going on it. Then I came across this pattern at a local fabric shop (Ben Franklin) and just really liked the different lines and options in it so I actually bought it. ($12, very expensive for a pattern I think) I used fabrics that I've had for donkeys' years and there you have it, another tunic- like dress.

I have to admit that I haven't really worn it yet (I finished it just now) so I am not completed confident about it yet, but hopefully that will still come. <wink>

I guess now I'll have to start on that other one...

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Finally Fall!

After 84 days of no measurable rainfall, the rain has arrived and with it all the Fall colors. 

Inside it is nice and cozy. Miss M. is baking brownies with orange frosting and after that we will decorate a little bit for the Fall season. Not my personal favorite to be honest but somewhat fun nevertheless...

Master C. is doing some homework (I hope) and Mr. G. is spending his second day in a row at Century Link Football Stadium in Seattle. His brother from Portland is in town: yesterday they watched the Huskies play (college team) and today the Seahawks (Seattle's professional team) is on the field. (and they won by 1 point!!!)

I ran two days in a row (this morning the scheduled 15 minutes plus another 6 minutes on top of that!) and now my legs are tired...  (a bit like the skeleton above)  <wink>

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Senior Night...

A couple of days ago, Master C.'s Cross-Country Team celebrated Senior Night. This is where all the senior runners get honored by the coach with a speech and flowers and cake and applause. Lots of fun!

It was a very emotional event for everybody involved. (I had already warned the family that bawling might be involved.) But it was not only me who had wet eyes, the coach completely choked up especially when it was Master C.'s turn, which of course didn't help me contain my tears...

It is difficult to stand in front of quite an audience and your coach next to your side being all emotional etc.  but Master C. remained cool and collected throughout the whole speech and I was So Proud!!!  {big smile}

When did I become the shortest member of the family? Oh yeah, way back when... 
(I'm 1.74m / 69 inches so not really what you call short...)
Cross-Country season isn't quite over yet. We have some big championships coming up in the next two or three weeks and everybody is improving every single race. Great team, great coach and great parents: what more can you ask for?!  <wink>

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Apple And The Tree Etc.

Ever since my wonderful sister gave me a real camera (Canon Rebel T1i) a year and a half ago, my Miss M. (now 15 1/2) has been developing a keen eye for photography. Once in a while I let her borrow my camera and off she goes exploring. I love what I'm seeing...

Our lovely neighbor with her new dog Bodi...
The Proverbial Apple!
(oh no, it's a tomato!!!)
At the river...
Mr. G.'s favorite pastime!

And not only does the apple not fall far from my tree, it also doesn't fall far from Mr. G.'s tree!

Fly Fishing with dad...
What a gal!  {smile}
Elegant Rose


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