Monday, March 12, 2012

Signs of Spring, Week 2...

Very obvious Signs of Spring this week: the ever changing weather! Snow on Tuesday, warmth on Thursday and lots of wind and rain since then.

The most obvious Sign of Spring however was the change to Daylight Savings Time: I had an extremely hard time getting out of bed this morning!   <wink>


  1. Oh, it was painful to get up this morning! And the weather has been crazy here - hail, snow, sunshine - all within 15 minutes. I can't wait for it to warm up though.

  2. Ongelofelijk het verschil, de ene dag winter en de andere zomer...! En zo te lezen is bij jullie de zomertijd begonnen? Sterkte ;)!

  3. But with all those lovely signs of spring outside you should have no trouble jumping out of bed every morning? ;)

    Beautiful photos, really spring caracteristics

  4. Ha, you had almost the same signs of spring as I had, the changing whether!
    Kram, Monica

  5. It's amazing how the weather can change. We have no snow left, as you know, but now it is that boring time when everything's grey and brown in all nuances there are. But maybe this afternoon it will change, you never know! Kramar

  6. Great, great, great - no wordverification today - I am happy, I am happy, as happy can be!


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