Macro Filters...

The other day (after I had taken my photography lesson) I realised I needed some extra's for my camera like a lens hood, a UV-filter etc. When I ordered them 'they' (the shop) recommended these Macro filters instead of having to buy a very expensive Macro lens.

The filters were only around $12 so I thought, why not? You just screw them onto the end of your lens  and off you go. I only used the +10 on these pics but I think you can add them all together as well. I'll try that another day.
The filter set just came in the mail so I immediately went out to do some experimenting...

You apparently have to use the filters on Manual Focus so that was a bit tricky but I did manage to get some descent shots. Also it was rather breezy which is nog good when your shooting on Manual and without a tripod but here come some of the better ones...


I was almost with my nose right into the flower with these last two which was a bit 'dangerous' with those bees... ~wink~ Not bad these results right?  {smile}


  1. Nice! Good plan die filters!

  2. Isn't it fun to get close up's my passion, I love it! The closer the better!!! Have fun!
    Chris :o)

  3. Wat fantastisch, je resultaat! En: leuke tip over die voorzetlens. Zal ik 'ns aan denken!


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