Ball Park Part Deux...

I just really liked these following pictures so much, I wanted to show them to you in their proper size..

Qwest Field Stadium (American Football) next door...
At the level where we entered the stadium...

From way up high...

Of course I could show you way more but this will be it for now. Don't want to bore ya...  ~wink~


  1. still here (avoiding the washing of tea time dishes) and wondering how many times you could post and I'd be back for a look! talk about being a follower!!!
    fee x (Baaaaaaahhhh!)

  2. What a big stadium! But I don't understand anything of american football...
    Kram, Monica

  3. Heidi: as long as it is only once or twice a year, I can take it! ;-)
    Monica: this is baseball Monica, not American Football. I don't understand much of that either... :-)


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