At The Feeder Again...

I know I've shown you these Evening Grosbeaks before, but I just can't help it: they're my favorite! They look so exotic don't you think?

I wonder what they're saying to each other?

How many birds fit on a feeder?

There are at least four more in the tree next to it and these are not small birdies either! (they measure about 7 to 8 inches in length)

Anyway, from the pictures you can see it is still wet out there. It feels like it has been raining for days and days in a row and in fact, I think that's true! Today should be the last day of this misery though and then for the weekend they are forecasting mid 70's (23C), can you believe it? I will when I see it...

It would be awesome timing though because we will have a big horse show at Little Bit on both weekend days with a barbeque and all so that would be Great!

Plus on Sunday Tif and I will finally go to the Fremont Market in Seattle. We were supposed to go earlier in May but that never came to fruition, hopefully this weekend though: yay!

Now I'm off to have some coffee with a Dutch friend of mine. I have to start practising those gutteral sounds again...  ~wink~

And oh yes, I re-did my hair again:


  1. Warm and rain ,It rained all day yesterday so much for my coffee on the porch! I was outnumbered on the red, I love it too!

  2. Such beautiful birds!
    And I can't wait for the warmer weather!!

  3. Exotic is really the word for those birds! Beautiful!
    I keep my fingers crossed, for you to have sunny whether in the weekend!
    Kram, Monica


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