Friday, August 3, 2012

Thrifty Finds Of The Most Excellent Kind...

Oh yes, this week I went thrifting not only once, but twice!  {big, big smile}

But first a beautiful Lily from our garden to start off this post with...

The first time I visited our local Value Village and found this cute little lammie (or poodle?) ceramic planter, the cross-stitch cookie jar and some fun fabric (no pics of that, I 'm sorry). Quite the little successful trip...

But then yesterday Tif  and myself finally got together after not having seen each other for a couple of months. She is an extremely busy lady as most of you know, especially now that she is in the midst of writing another book (called Granny Chic) together with the lovely Rachelle from Ted & Agnes

We first dropped off an old sofa at the Goodwill and at that same place I found the find of the century; a most excellent recliner chair for a whopping amount of... wait for it... $12.99!  That is twelve dollars and ninety nine cents people!  <wink>

I am a very happy person right now. To top it all off we are now experiencing temperatures in the 80's which will be rising to the 90's (= 32C) this weekend. Summer is still here!  {smile}


  1. I am just impressed that you have so much space that you can bring home such a find as a big comfy chair. Love the little tables too and your cutie lambie poodle!

  2. Super je vondsten!! En geniet van de zomer, heeeeerlijk ;)!!

  3. Oooh dat potje vind ik echt leuk zeg! En die stoel voor 13 dollar?! Ook een superkoopje :D
    Ik ben jaloers op de temperaturen daar! (ach, we mogen hier ook niet klagen met rond de 20 graden...mag alleen wel wat warmer van mij haha)

  4. Superfind! Or superfindS!
    Love the lily, you made it into a beautiful painting!

  5. I love your chair....I think it matches my couch I found this summer......score!


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