Saturday, August 18, 2012


Yay, after several extremely hot days in which we did just about nothing, today arrived with clouds. Clouds people! This means lower temperatures!  <wink> I know I'm going to regret this sooner rather than later but: "Clouds, Yahoo!!!"

This morning we stopped for a very quick visit at our local Value Village where I found this very vintage looking recipe box from the 50's. 

Now the people that know me a little bit better also know that I don't enjoy cooking that much. I see it more as a necessary 'evil'. The little box will probably be used in my sewing notions area, but isn't it just the sweetest?!  {smile}

--  **  --  **  --

This afternoon, when I went to pick up the mail, a lovely surprise awaited me. Look at this gorgeous Amy Butler fabric!

Marcha (from 'Post van Mars') sent it to me as a thank you for a very easy favor I did for her a little while back. How nice was that? (her present, not my favor)

We have one more week of vacation left and after that I will (hopefully) have lots of creative energy again to start sewing some clothes. I can't wait! What shall I make with the beautiful fabric... (ponder, ponder)

--  **  --  **  --

In the mean time I think I will be cooking up another batch of  my Curried Zucchini Soup. Just look at this Zuper - Ziced  Zpezimen of a Zucchini!  <wink>  
Pictured you see a 12 inch/ 30 cm ruler...
And yes, it is another homegrown item. The heat has been doing wonders for Mr. G.'s veggie patch...


  1. What a zucchini! That is big! What are you going to cook of it?
    Love the fabric and the recipe box, too. It's too cute to have in the kitchen, sounds good that it probably will end up in your sewing room!

  2. Wat een mooi doosje heb je gevonden!
    Ik besef me dat ik nog niet eens over de zeehond heb geschreven :)

  3. Fantastisch doosje, ik moet nodig eens naar de kringloop!

  4. Haha, wolken. Nou, na veel hitte kan ik me voorstellen dat het fijn is! Hier is het nu voor de 2e dag over de 30 graden. Prima, want echt zomer is het nog niet geweest. (Al zit ik wel binnen met de airco aan ;) Durf niet zo goed naar buiten nu!)

    Dat doosje: suuuuuper!!!
    En ik wilde nog zeggen dat ik flockfolie (zo heet dat spul) gewoon online bestel.


  5. I agree.... necessary evil...but yummy too, I've had that soup for instance. Anyway, another beautiful post.

  6. I love that little box! I've pressed the follow button, so I can keep up with your great posts! Ada :)


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