Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Bike Ride...

Last week I took you on a tour of our little town (on my way to the post office), today I'm taking you on a bike ride just north of our town.

The temperatures were just right (it was still fairly early) and there was a nice breeze. Quite the nice bike ride I must say...


Tomorrow I will show you pics of our neighbors' new Toy Fox Terrier puppy called 'Bode'. He is too cute!!!  Here is a teaser... {smile}


  1. Ur town looks so cute love the pics and that little guy!? Oh my he is so freaking cute!!! I'm such a sucker for dogs I would have a farm of them if "the other half" would let me.

  2. Lijkt me zo heerlijk, zoveel ruimte en natuur om je heen!!
    Oooeeeh, een puppy. Nou zou ik helemaal hotel-de-botel op baby's moeten zijn, maar puppy's die doen het 'm gewoon ..Zo schattig :)

  3. What beautiful surroundings you have! The white house with the little girl and the dog looks like something from an American movie...
    Kram, Monica

  4. Thank you for a nice ride :)

  5. What beautiful late summer pictures! And I love the white very American house!


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