Friday, August 17, 2012

Taxi Please!

Yes, these tomatoes are called 'Taxi' and they are just starting to become ripe: Yum!

Every time I see these tomatoes I hear the song of 'Joe le Taxi' in my head... <wink>
The ripening is no problem with the totally crazy temperatures we've been having:

And another day like that is in the forecast for today. Miss M. and some of her friends will go to the river to cool off. Don't worry, they will be wearing their life jackets. A twenty year old man drowned two days ago in the bigger river and we saw  all the emergency vehicles and police boats in and near the river trying to resuscitate him, to no avail... (i.e. he didn't make it)

Hopefully this will be the last hot day for this year because we're just hanging inside with a/c blasting to cool us off, rather boring I must tell ya...

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