Monday, August 6, 2012

Seafair 2012...

Wow, what a day we had yesterday! 
The whole family was invited by another family (one of Miss M.'s classmates) to join them on two speedboats to watch the Seafair Blue Angels' Airshow on Lake Washington! Of course we didn't say no and with the hottest temperatures of the year (93F/ 33C!) we all came home several 'shades of tan' darker... {smile}

Unfortunately I must have put one of my sunscreen soaked fingers on the lens because most of the pictures came out blurry. My apologies and that of course will not happen again. {no smile there}

After an amazingly choppy ride (I held on for dear life!) we arrived at the I-90 floating bridge at Mercer Island. There we threw out the anchor and spent lots of time in the water to cool off. 'Fat Albert' (a huge military transport plane) flew over and then the actual Blue Angels soared overhead. It was spectacular! (I had never seen them live before) And it was So Loud!!!

Enjoy these little collages I made for you:
The last photo  above shows the police boat that was on his way to visit us!
Once the main airshow was finished we all (thousands of boats!) headed for the I-90 bridge and we flocked to the other side of the highway to watch the Hydroplanes' show over there. Apparently our hostess had forgotten to stick the new insurance stickers on the boat (they are in the middle of a move and are building a new house at the same time, so totally understandable of course) but we got a visit from the water police twice! Fortunately we got off with a warning but it was quite exciting let me tell you!

The vintage hydroplanes were crazy loud but the newer once were considerably less loud. Pretty boring though so we didn't hang out there too long. We made the long trek home again to the north end of the lake and there we had a wonderful barbecue and another swim. All in all we spent 9 hours on or near the water and that was just plain marvelous!  {big smile}

--  **  --  **  --

So today we're having a reality check: Mr. G. has gone back to work and the kids only have three more weeks left before school starts. This will mean the reading of all the English and French book lists and doing the Math packets. Yes, our school gives the kids a considerable amount of homework to do over the 3 month break. Not at all a bad idea of course but a bit of a pain nevertheless...

At least the weather is still fabulous and we will enjoy every single minute of it!


  1. The pictures of the planes are so good, so good! You're an extraordinary good photographer I think. Marvellous.
    And I must admit that I enjoy that you put a finger on the lens. That means I am not the only one!
    What a day you had.

    1. Yes, fingers on the lens happen to me as well Aggie! ;-) I was using my little point and shoot camera and with that one it is easier to have that happen...
      And thank you so much for your compliment about my photography skills. These didn't come out as I had planned but with at least 33 degrees Celsius, sweaty hands with sunscreen and a moving boat anything can happen...

  2. What a fantastic day! Those planes go so close to the wonder it was so loud!

    1. Man, they came in right over us! i had my fingers in my ears almost the whole time. (not when I was taken the pictures obviously!)

  3. Wauw wat een super heerlijk dagje moet dat zijn geweest, boten én vliegtuigen :)

  4. Jee, dit lijkt wel een of andere super Amerikaanse film ;)! Net niet echt dus... gaaf zeg!

  5. Die eerste 2 foto's....S-U-P-E-R!!!!

  6. Lovley photos! A bit scary with the planes, it looks like they are real close!
    It seems like you hade a great day!


  7. Hai! Het is inderdaad een soort velours effect dat flocken. (Een dun laagje.)
    En het is super simpel: je koopt dat spul, trekt een figuur om, knipt het uit en dan hoef je het alleen nog heet te maken met een strijkbout. Voila! Meer stelt het niet voor. Fijn als leuke dingen zo simpel zijn :)


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