Sunday, August 26, 2012

Another Great Day On The Water!

And salt water this time!  {smile}

J. in action!
Yesterday we spent several hours on board of an old Coast Guard dingy (with  a hard shell, which is the bottom of the boat) zipping around two of Meike's friends (brother and sister) who were participating in a Laser sailing regatta on the Puget Sound. The weather was glorious (78F) and so once again, great times were had by all...  {smile}

Here is a small selection of all the photos I took. Sorry that not all the horizons are straight, it was rather choppy out there on the water...

Here is the dingy in the foreground. 
It has one of those long seats in the middle that you straddle, like sitting on a horse.
The engine had 90 horsepower: needless to say we went very fast!
(and yes, Bo the Black Lab came as well)
J.'s younger sister T. in the lead while battling her team mate around the buoy...
J. rounding the buoy...

J. in the lead at the start of the third race...
J.: The Rugged Sailor...

And a few pictures of the marina and then back on the road home again...

Shilshole Bay Marina with the Olympic Mountains in the background...
Seattle skyline, two pictures 'glued' together...
Good old Mount Rainier with Lake Washington in the foreground.
Well folks, today is the last day of our summer holidays. We had a great time!  {smile} 
Now we're getting ready for a new start of the school year...


  1. Fabulous pictures of my beloved Seattle, we had such great weather.....wish I would have had time to meet you maybe next time!

  2. Fantastische foto's !! Krijg gelijk zin om te zeilen!!

    1. Zeilen ja, maar niet in die kleine bootjes hoor! ;-) (er gingen meerderen op hun kant!)

    2. Fokkelien SpaanderAugust 26, 2012 at 8:59 PM

      Dat moet toch het Spaander-bloed zijn, dat jullie zeilen zo leuk vinden. Adriaan en Katinka zijn er ook helemaal gek van. Joshua (onze oudste)is ook een zeiler en hij is nog met Katinka gaan zeiling deze zomer. Helemaal blij want haar man en dochters zijn niet zo fanatiek.

      Voor mij is water om in te zwemmen haha

  3. What a wonderful way to spend the last day of your holiday!
    Kram, Monica

  4. wow wow wow, prachtige fotoos van een prachtige omgeving...heerlijk voor jullie!!!


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