Fun at the Zoo...

Clouded Leopard baby, so cute!
Yesterday we spent the afternoon at the Point Defiance Zoo in Tacoma. The weather was fabulous and the crowds were small: great fun!

Sumatran Tiger keeping cool in the shade...

Gyr Falcon I believe...
(look at those feet!)
Fish in the Puget Sound...

The whistling Walrus...
Sea Otter...
Fun goats at the petting zoo...
The zoo is located in a beautiful park and we took the 5-mile drive through it to have a look around. Along the way we spotted several racoons waiting along the road side for little tidbits: they didn't get any from us!

Views of the water ways and the Narrows Bridge...

And another marvelous shot of Mount Rainier, taken while driving... (I wasn't driving, Mr G. was, just to clarify...)


  1. Allemaal prachtig, maar die eerste steelt helemaal de show.
    Fijn weekend, lieve groet

  2. I like that little kitten! Would want one....for a while!
    Magnificent animals and that mountain, waouw!
    Aggie kram

    I forgot, I should write you in Swedish........

  3. It's always amazing to see those big animals in real life! One of my daughters have two young bengal-cats, they look exactly like leopards!
    Kram, Monica

  4. Oh I would love to travel to your side of the world, what fantastic scenery. Sharks scare me, even a shark with no teeth would have me freaking out. There eyes are mean. *scuttles off to hide under a pillow*


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