Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Vacay Day 2...

Day two ended like the pictures above. Wasn't it just plain beautiful? 
Unfortunately my own eyes didn't see all this: I was vast asleep already when all this beauty happened. Thank goodness our trusty Miss M. managed to record these fabulous skies for all of us to enjoy!  {smile}

(these pictures were so beautiful, they just had to go to the top of this post!)

So, on Day Two we drove to the area of Sequim and we visited the Olympic Game Farm. Animals were trained there in the past for Disney movies etc. Now it is a rescue center.
Miss M. was beside herself in excitement. She got to sit in the front passenger seat and feed all the animals that came up to our car! Yes, it was a wildlife safari! She had to take pictures too of course and that's why we ended up with so many...  <wink> Anyway, here are (only some of) her impressions...

>> Click to enlarge!

And then there were the bears, quite a few of them too! Some of them were trained to wave at us. Miss. M. thought that was cute, I did not, but I must admit that we had a great time and we saw a lot of animals really close up and personal. (lots of drooling on the side windows)

After the Game Farm we drove to Dungeness Bay to have a look at the 'spit' (a land formation), but unfortunately the marine layer was super thick that morning and we couldn't really see anything. Beautiful and calm surroundings however!

We drove on to one of the famous Lavender farms in that region and found this beauty. The house is newly built, but has that old world charm. Gorgeous lavender fields with the mountains as a backdrop...

The lavender ice-cream was pretty tasty as well and whilst we were eating that and enjoying the scenery we discovered that we had missed a visit to a nearby dairy farm, so off we went again!

We just wanted to buy some farm fresh milk there, but we also found about 8 young calves outside that we could pet! Nothing better than petting young animals and Miss M. (and myself I must admit) were pretty darn happy!  <wink>

Yes, this was a wonderful day which ended with the purple skies in the first collage. Not bad at all and basically in our back yard. (well, at least in the same state)


  1. Wat heerlijk al die mooie foto's! En vee leuke dingen gedaan ook!

  2. What an adventurous day wihh a beautiful ending!
    Kram, Monica

  3. I use to go fishing as a kid favorite town is Port Gamble I could just live happily ever after there.....Heidi


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