Saturday, July 6, 2013

Mid-Morning Macro...

A little break from our vacay pictures (only one more day to go anyway) to give you these fabulous macro shots I took just now in the back yard...

This morning we got up 7:35, I immediately jumped in the shower and ran a little over one mile to the closest raspberry fields. I met Mr. G. there (he came by car) and we picked over 7 pounds of summer ripened raspberries: yummmm! Then I ran back again, took another shower and then made the pictures above. Not a bad way to start the weekend at all!  {smile}

We have a Dutch friend and her Australian husband (whom I've never met) coming over for dinner tonight. Mr. G. has got a giant piece of pork butt (=shoulder) already on the smoker and everything smells so good! The sun is shining and we are ready for what ever else the day will bring! Hope everything is going the same way for you guys as well? {smile}

And oh yes, our friends the Goldfinches are back again:


  1. Love these photos, bees are always so busy aren't they- I've just eaten the most delicious strawberries from my garden, our little heat wave has worked it's magic! :) x

  2. What a wonderfully beautiful start to the day! I hope it continues to be a lovely day for you all.

  3. Love them, beautiful objects and beautiful colors!

  4. Nice mister Bee.
    And pretty misses Finche.
    I'm a bit confused. Over here we cannot feed the birds any longer because it is summer and they have to find their own food. What season are you in now? I thought you were in the summer season as well. (probably my mistake)

  5. How I would love a macro lens... fabulous images!


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