Monday, July 15, 2013

Ramblings about Flowers, the Tackling of the Serger and Plums...

This is what our morning looked like today, shiny little water droplets on delicate flower petals.

Unfortunately I don't remember the name any more of this plant, but I think it is one of my most favorite ones in our whole back yard. The flowers are just amazingly detailed and so fragile looking. Here are two pictures of the same plant but without the petals...

So today I knew that I just had to tackle that new serger machine but I was just so hesitant. (i.e. scared) I managed to first clean out my whole sewing area (again!) plus the crafty area right next to it. For those of you who are familiar with this particular piece of furniture: I'm talking about the apothecary cabinet that we brought with us from Sri Lanka. Yes, the one with the 24 drawers! Yeah, major cleaning going on!!!

So then finally, when there really wasn't anything else more to be done, I sat down, put on my reading glasses (threading four different needles brings quite the strain on the eyes...) and I tackled the serger. Two threads had broken and after I fixed those and tried some sewing still nothing happened. Utter frustration let me tell you, but I persevered and I can tell you that it is now actually working!  I don't quite feel confident enough to use it on an actual nice piece of fabric yet, but that will come, I promise...  <wink>

After dinner tonight (a most amazing and spicy cashew & chicken curry made by Mr. G.) I strolled in the back yard and my eyes fell on our plum tree: it is loaded!!! I picked a few and had to eat them over the sink since their juices squirted everywhere: Yum!

I will leave you with one of my other more favorite flowers in the yard: Bee Balm. It says in the description that it grows up to 4 feet, mine are close to 6! (= 1.80m) Pretty balmy for the eyes though!  <wink>


  1. Hoi Marjan, volgens mij is die paarse een Scabiosa, ofwel Schurftkruid (nee, dat heb ik niet zelf verzonnen ;)) Prachtige foto's weer!!!! Succes met je lockmachine, hopelijk geeft het niet te veel stress!! Groetjes!!

  2. I really want a plum tree, what a bumper harvest you have there.

  3. Love your pictures! The plums look yummy! Ours are still weeks behind, can't wait for them to ripen!


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