Monday, July 15, 2013

60's Sundress....

Out of an old sheet I found at Value Village last week: so soft and comfy. Perfect for these hot days!  {smile}

PS: No, I did not use my new serger for this dress yet. I've read the manual and watched all the video's. After a very careful first try, two out of the four threads broke... {not smile}


  1. It looked like a fun bike ride and I love your summer dress....Hubby and I are coming down for a mini trip just the two of us in September....I can't wait! Heidi

  2. Lovely lovely version of this pattern you have beaten me to it....going to make a few for the rest of the summer....bestest as ever Daisy j x

  3. I adore this and all of your creations! Wish I knew how to sew (properly). Are you selling your dresses? I couldn't see a link... of to look again because I would love one of your dresses!!!

  4. I really loved this dress!!! Oh, i wish i could sew... :(

    So nice to find your amazing blog! I added you to my blogroll so to keep up.

    Take care! Greetings from Greece!




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