Thursday, July 25, 2013

Sewing with Knits...

The first project in the 'sewing with knits' class I'm taking over at Craftsy (see link in yesterday's post) was a 'hoodie'.  In itself the pattern is super easy to put together, but since I'm working with both my new serger/ overlock machine and a new fabric (I've never worked with fleece or knits before), it made for a steep learning curve!

Both fabrics were found at Value Village so at least I didn't have that pressure on me to sew extra well with an expensive fabric. Unfortunately I did not have enough of the fleece fabric for the hood so I used a soft flowery flannel for that.

All went well (although I did have to re-thread the whole machine since I ran out of the original thread the manufacturer had put on, right in the middle of a seam!) until I added the hood to the neckline: oh oh, not enough fabric!!! 

I'm still fiddling with figuring out the seam allowance with the serger and obviously I had made them too small (or short) and the garment itself became too large. Anyway, for those of you who are sewers this will make sense, for the other ones I'm talking gooblygoo right now...  <wink>
Thank goodness I do have some sewing experience and managed to make a little insert there, right in the middle of the photo above. It is certainly not perfect, but it will definitely do!

Oh and by the way, the fit is superb and sooooo comfy...  I think this item might make it into my little suitcase on our honeymoon trip for those cooler evenings... {smile} 


  1. Your sweat shirt looka absolutely cool.
    DO put it in your honeymoon suitcase. You never know where it is going to lead the both of you
    (so soft, so fleecy!!!)

  2. ooops! Spelling error: 'it lookS' cool of course.

  3. It's just great, that learning curve was normally steep, it was a short quick line to the perfect result!


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