The Falls...

Last Monday we decided to visit the Snoqualmie Falls with our French exchange teacher. The Falls are only 20 minutes away from our house and this time of year, with the enormous amounts of water that have been coming out of the sky, they are just spectacular!

See that building on the left? That is where they filmed part of the TV series called 'Twin Peaks'. Remember from way back when in the early 90's?

The pictures themselves didn't come out quite as spectacular as I had hoped, but when I played around with the 'cross-process' settings they weren't bad at all....

On the way home we stopped to check out  the beginning stages of flooding of that same river closer to our house and this is what we saw from the hanging bridge. First to our south...

And then to our north...

We're still in the middle of a big rain event so we're keeping a close eye on all the river gauges and webcams etc to make sure that all our roads are still open. So far so good!

It will be a very wet night for Halloween though!


  1. Wow, very dramatic! Hope the rain doesn't cause too many problems! Ada :)

  2. Die foto's zien er best dramatisch uit hoor :) Kreeg meteen het TwinPeaks muziekje in m'n hoofd! Fijne halloween daar!

  3. My sister and I loved Twin Peaks but I never really got the ending. Did anyone? It looks like you've had your fair share of rain too.


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