Sunday, October 7, 2012


Yesterday we had not one but two pairs of Bald Eagles flying right over our back yard! Unfortunately, by the time I had grabbed my camera, they were flying over the ridge a bit further away, but I still managed to snap some pictures. We hadn't seen any Eagles for months now so hopefully they will be here to stay from now until the Spring...

In the mean time, we're still enjoying the most wonderful temperatures. Just look at Olive's big smile!


  1. Hi hi, wat een geweldig leuke foto van je hondje ;)! En zomaar adelaars (toch?) in je tuin, ongelofelijk!!

  2. Wow, they look amazing! I might get a little concerned though, when pegging out the washing! Ada :)

  3. Wauw, wauw wauw wauw!
    En Olive lacht heeeeeeel leuk! :D

  4. Oh wow - what an amazing thing to witness....and capture.

    Nina x

  5. Ornen har landat in Swedish! The Eagle has Landed, what beautiful birds! And the pictures are wonderful!


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