Monday, May 6, 2013

Summer Time...

"... and the living is easy!"

Miracles do happen because we have been experiencing true summer time temperatures for several days now.  I'm just about as tanned as I will be for the rest of the year and that sure gives you a boost! 

Today will be the hottest day with temps around 84F / 28C (or higher) and then we will go down a bit again, which is just fine with me. Mid-seventies is perfect for still doing stuff. Now I just sit outside and read Maeve Binchy books all day! I know, a very 'high' level of reading, but sooooo comfy. The Pernod on the side was pretty nice as well...   <wink>

Last Friday was the annual Arts Fest at school and we got to see Master C.'s final appearance in the Jazz Band, ever! Another step closer to college...
They played outside on the lawn and people got so excited they even started dancing! It was just fabulous!  {smile)
Master C. with the electric bass...
(click! to enlarge)
These were the views of the valley on my way there:

Not a bad place we live in over here!  {smile}

And oh yes, I wore my new dress and received lots of compliments on it!

Off I go for a run, now that it is still somewhat cool outside. I bought some new running clothes for these hot temperatures yesterday and can't wait to try them out. (a combo of dark grey with duck egg blue!)

The photo doesn't do the colors justice. The shirt and the spandex under shorts
(which are attached to the grey outer shorts by the way: brilliant!) 

are a duck egg blue...


  1. So jealous.....everything looks beautiful in Carnation......on our last trio down we never did make it there maybe this year! Heidi

  2. Fijn hoor, ziet er relaxed uit!

  3. Mooi, mooi en nog eens mooi!
    In zulke hardloop kleding hoef je niet eens zohard te lopen; heel wat flatteuzer zo dat broekje ;-)!
    ( nou ja, zo te zien hoeft dat bij jou niet hoor...)
    Groetjes van Mirjam.

  4. Absolutely beautiful pictures of your summer bushes!
    Here we had almost 20° Celcius today, and it's really a change from the cold weather we had so far!
    Nice new jogging clothes!
    Kram, Monica

  5. Wat een heerlijk fijne blogpost met een pracht van een jurk!

  6. Warm here too, really lifts the spirits! Love your dress! :) x


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