Tuesday, May 28, 2013


It truly is the season of the Hummingbirds: we have to refill the feeder almost every day!

It is very difficult to take good pictures of these little guys, they are just so fast! These I've taken through the window...

(Click! to enlarge...)
Remember that they are only about 2 - 3 inches tall... (= 5 - 8 cm) They make a fun buzzing sound when they swoop in and there is quite the chatter going on when two arrive at the feeder at the same time! (they don't seem to like company...)
I wasn't able to capture the beautiful coloring they have, but believe me, they are bright!  {smile}


  1. Ooh, wat gaaf om die " gewoon" in je eigen tuin te kunnen zien!
    Hier zag ik er een keer eentje in Burgers Zoo, maar da's toch anders hè....;-)

    1. Haha, hier zien we ze wel met drie tegelijk en een heleboel keer op een dag! Dat is toch wel erg leuk zo van het in het buitenland wonen. Zo zie je nog eens wat anders! :-)

  2. The humming birds remind me of the Donald Duck-movie we look at every christmas!
    I think you must have seen it when you were living in Sweden?
    Kram, Monica

  3. Oh what exquisite little birds! I would spend hours watching them. The nearest I got to something like this was a humming bird moth - amazing!

  4. I love these little fast moving cuties.....Heidi

  5. How I'd love humming birds in my garden.
    I do love my cheeky sparrows and black birds though!
    Thank you for sharing such lovely photos x


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